Adventures in Streaming: Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!

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* now with spoilers *

Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! is … interesting.

It’s a B movie, and it doesn’t pretend to be anything else. It has a lot of predictable secondary characters and plot points, and everyone who is killed by this wandering Easter-Bunny-costumed guy is killed at the time and in the way that is expected of a serial-killer Easter-Bunny-costumed guy.

The main characters – the teenager and his mother – are presented about as realistically as a B movie can do. At the beginning of the film, some sort of family discord results in the father of the family being lost in a fire. The mother and her son (who has a cognitive deficit of some kind and is mentally about six or seven years old) do their best to get along without him, which leads to the introduction of some unsavoury characters into their lives. But don’t worry – Easter-Bunny-costumed guy will take care of that.

We’re given a few tense scenes – scenes where the bad guys pick on the disabled teenager, which is upsetting and stressful, and scenes where Easter-Bunny-costume guy is watching the family in a creepy manner. But overall it’s a standard stalking-slasher movie, and we aren’t even necessarily surprised by who the Easter-Bunny-costume guy turns out to be.

There is one surprise, though.

When the mother and son learn who the Easter-Bunny-costume guy is – and learn why he’s been killing the unsavoury characters – they aren’t even mad. They’re glad. They forgive him not only for what he’s done to the unsavoury characters (which, really, in the context of the film, they got what was coming to them), but also for things he had done to the mother and son earlier. They all stand together, a little nuclear-family-esque trio, and stare at the dead bodies and the huge quantity of blood … and then they decide to eat dinner.

I tried not to like Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! I don’t really have any reason why I don’t hate it. It’s not poorly done for a B movie, but it’s not particularly well done either. It’s not poorly acted for a B movie, but it’s not particularly well acted either. The plot is so simple as to be trivial, the bad guys are bland, the main characters aren’t fleshed out really at all. The final scene with them deciding to eat dinner is humourous, but it would have been even without the movie preceding it.

I suppose I liked the fact that, even though Easter-Bunny-costume guy is the killer, he’s not really the bad guy, and in fact was acting in the defense of the mother and son as a way to redeem himself; tucked into this little, fairly silly B movie is this interesting take on good, evil, forgiveness, intention … all the things that people ponder every day as they make mistakes and try to make up for them.

I can’t really recommend Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill! because either you find B movies entertaining or you don’t. But I didn’t hate it.

And the last scene was funny.

— 4 out of 10