About Me

I’m an author and artist with a straightforward philosophy:  people are people.

We’re all capable of great bravery and great cowardice, of strength and courage and goodness but also of weakness, darkness, and fear.

The world is neither good nor evil, but the things within it can be either; the challenge my characters face is to be their best selves, and to do what’s necessary to combat evil, regardless of the personal consequence or sacrifice. I present these characters with minimal physical description – what matters are their words and deeds, the only things that they or any of us can really give.

Through my own characters and stories, I try to convey the same truths I see in others’ stories (in books, television, and especially film): regular people can kick in and become extraordinary when the occasion calls for it.

I look for the messages in films – and explore them in my work – because I believe that when we witness the actions of fictional heroes, we can inform our real lives with wisdom, bravery and strength. Our world has become increasingly hectic; many of us feel lost, hopeless, scared, unprepared, overwhelmed, and a host of other emotions that keep us from knowing where we fit into all of it. In such a world, guidance, delivered within the entertaining framework of fictional stories, can be an indispensable asset to our well-being.

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