Why I Believe In Santa …

I read the news; I’ve studied history. I see everywhere all the terrible ways people treat one another … how they’ve always treated one another. It’s in our nature as predators to kill the things that scare us. It’s in our nature to be violent. But no other predator questions its own actions and inclinations the way humans do. No other animal works so diligently to become something different from its earliest design. When the holiday season rolls around, people of many different faiths work extra special hard to spread love, kindness and understanding. We consider our good fortune, and give willingly of ourselves with no thought of recompense. We become better people, if only for a month, or a week, or a day. We become the sort of people we envision … a vision of goodness promoted by no other creature.

I don’t know how such a species, with its vicious nature and dark potential, could become so wondrous … unless there really were magical beings like Santa – magical beings who show us how it COULD be, how we CAN do it, who we CAN be.

Most animals don’t acknowledge themselves in a mirror … but humans do. We look at ourselves, and evaluate, and struggle to do and be “better” than our natures made us. I don’t think we would do that without the help of magic.

So I believe in Santa. And I hope you do too.

Happy holidays, and peace to you and yours.

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