The Thing I Like About …

Shallow Hal: the part where she tells him to stop telling her she’s beautiful.

In Shallow Hal, Hal is a man who dates a lot of women, never settling on one or opening his heart, always looking for a woman who looked “just right”. Then one day Tony Robbins reveals his psychic super-powers and makes it so Hal can only see people’s inner beauty.

And Hal meets Rosemary, someone who – to his eyes – is the loveliest slender blonde goddess he has ever seen. Of course, Rosemary knows that she is actually so obese as to be almost completely round, and she doesn’t understand what Hal sees in her. She doesn’t believe he really wants to talk to her, and, when she grudgingly accepts that, for whatever reason, his friendship is sincere, she refuses to accept any of his compliments. When he tells her how beautiful he thinks she is, she tells him to stop, because she “knows what she is and what she’s not”, and his compliments make her uncomfortable.

But she presents herself as someone who wanted to find love … how is she going to do that when she doesn’t believe it exists?

She, like so many of the rest of us, wants nothing more than to be accepted for who she is, faults and all. She wants someone – we all want someone – who sees us for who we are inside instead of for our fleeting exterior appearances. We want someone who loves those things unique to us … but deep down, we don’t think these things are attainable. We don’t think we’re worthy of others’ love or adoration, even though we yearn for it. So when it falls in our laps, we can’t even recognize it. We don’t believe in it. We openly reject it … because it makes us uncomfortable.

Hal didn’t gain the ability to see inner beauty for his own sake. He gained it for Rosemary’s sake – so that she could learn that there are people who will love her for herself alone, that there are people who can be trusted with her heart, that love and adoration can be real.

How much acceptance is already there for you? How much love is being offered that you don’t believe is real? How much happier could you be if you realized you’ve already found what you were looking for?

When will you see your own inner beauty?

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