One Page Stories

The Woman in the Road

The asphalt turned to dirt road about a block up. Kyle slowed down as he approached the intersection, trying to see in the deepening dusk whether or not cars were coming down the cross street.

“What is that?” Leann asked, pointing toward the intersection.

Kyle slowed down further, peering ahead into the dimness. “What is that?” he asked. The car slowed to a crawl.

Ahead of them, shuffling across the dirt road, was a figure in white – a long, white dress that billowed out behind the person. It was a woman, a very thin woman with wispy hair floating in the slight breeze. She was moving forward with her skinny arms raised in front of her, as though she were rushing to grab at something. She looked neither to the left or right, but as Kyle brought the car to a full stop, her head snapped to the right, and she looked directly at them for a second before continuing across.

“What the hell?” Leann said, chills running up her spine. “Are you seeing this?”

Kyle nodded. “Creepy,” he acknowledged. He let the car roll into the intersection, and he and Leann watched as the woman stopped and bent down, her outstretched arms finding what they had been looking for.

It was a Golden Retriever.

Leann laughed, a little nervously. “It’s just a woman,” she said. “Looking for her dog.” She tried to feel silly for being creeped out by the woman, but honestly, the woman’s dress and hair and outstretched arms, glowing so pale in the twilight, had been really unsettling.

Kyle laughed too, but he clearly shared Leann’s nervousness. “Weird, though,” he said, and drove on down the road.

He and Leann both peered in the rearview mirror as they drove; behind them, the woman stood crouched with her arms around the dog’s neck. She and the dog were watching the car. They never moved, the whole time that Kyle and Leann looked at them in the mirror.

Finally, the distance was too great for them to see the woman and dog in the darkness, and Leann felt an inordinate relief. “They’re gone,” she said. “Weird.”

“Very weird,” Kyle agreed, glancing one last time in the mirror. At the limit of his vision, he thought he could still make out the faint billowing outline of the woman’s white dress. “I think she’s still there,” he said. “Just watching.”

Leann felt another chill. “Drive faster,” she advised.

Behind them, the woman and the dog stood in the dirt road, staring after them. They never moved.

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