The Thing I Like About …

Muppet Christmas Carol: the way the spirit of Christmas Present grows old in a day.

In Muppet Christmas Carol – just like all the other Christmas Carols – three spirits visit Scrooge, and try to show him the error of his ways. The spirit of Christmas Past is a little girl, and the spirit of Christmas Future is a grim reaper. The spirit of Christmas Present is at first a young man, but after spending a few hours with Scrooge and showing him how Christmas is going in other parts of the town, the spirit of Christmas Present has grown quite elderly, and ultimately fades away into oblivion as the clock strikes twelve.

He only lives one day.

While all three spirits have something to teach Scrooge, Christmas Present has the most to teach all of us. He only lives today, because today is all that we have. Now is all that we have. There is no future, because when we get there, it’ll just be now. There is no past, because it’s … well, because it’s past. There’s only now, today, this moment, and when it’s gone, it’s gone – just like the spirit of Christmas Present.

Christmas Present lives for today. And while watching the Spirit age and vanish, Scrooge realizes that he needs to live for today too. When the Spirit of Christmas Future comes to show him his third lesson, all Scrooge is worried about is that it not be too late to start living for today. He wakes up with a changed heart, and realizes that it’s still today – it’s still Christmas, and the Spirits showed him hours of lessons in, basically, a moment. He does start living for today, and helping people today, and sharing and caring and loving today.

Because it’s always today. That’s where our lives are, where our love is, where our kindness is, where everything that happens, happens. It’s where we make our mistakes, and where we correct them; it’s where we laugh and cry and sleep and dance and hug and eat and everything else. It’s where we’re young, and where we’re old.

We only live today.

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