The Thing I Like About …

Unbreakable: David had never noticed he had superpowers.

Elijah tries to tell David that David is a superhero. David understandably disagrees. But David’s son thinks his dad is a superhero. And in the back of his mind, David starts wondering … am I?

And one day, he’s working out in his basement, bench-pressing the amount of weight he usually presses. He thinks maybe it’s too heavy, but instead of taking weight away, his son puts more weight on. And David lifts it. Then they add more weight. And David lifts it. They add more weight. And David lifts it.

Who knows how much he could have been able to lift if he had had more weights to put on?

David has other talents, and other skills, and other things that happen that tell him he just might be a superhero. But for David, the first inkling that something might be different about him was the day in the basement, lifting more and more … and more … weight. All this time, he had been able to lift all that, and he just never really noticed. He had this extraordinary quality that he had just never noticed.

We want to believe in magic. We want to believe in superheroes. We want to believe that good triumphs over evil – even super-evil – and that ordinary people can bring extraordinary qualities to the world, and make it better. But we don’t. We don’t believe it. We don’t think it can happen, and we even scoff at the notion when people say it out loud.

But what if we tried lifting weights we never thought we could?

I’m not saying we should imagine we can fly and start throwing ourselves off buildings. And … maybe we shouldn’t try the weight-lifting thing without significant spotters all around to help us. But we limit ourselves so much with the things we assume, about ourselves, about the world, about what we’re capable of. What if we just decided that none of those things were necessarily true? What if we decided to approach the world with wonder and newness and open expectations? What if we believed in ourselves, no matter what, and expected amazing things?

What are we capable of right now that we’re not even noticing?

What could we do if we tried?

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