The Thing I Like About …

… that private-pool-party Pepsi commercial: the part where the pool-partygoers leave their own party.

At the beginning of the commercial, the guys with the coolers full of Pepsi are rebuffed by the pool-party guard – “It’s a private party” – so they camp themselves on the public lawn next to the pool … and all these passersby come to their impromptu picnic, chugging Pepsi with almost maniacal grins of joy (because it’s a Pepsi commercial). More and more people show up, and they’re drinking the Pepsi, and they’re laughing and playing games and enjoying the sunshine and having fun.

And then the people at the “private” party decide it looks like more fun out on the lawn. So they get up and leave their own pool and come drink Pepsi with everyone else.

I like Pepsi as much as anyone, but it’s not about the Pepsi. It’s about the fence around the pool-party. It turned out to be a fence that kept the pool-party people in as much as it kept the guys with the coolers out. It turned out that separation is separation, and that the people on each side of the fence felt as excluded and restricted as the other. It turned out that neither group liked being told they couldn’t go where they wanted to go, or do what they wanted to do.

And then it turned out that everybody had a lot more fun when there weren’t any fences … and when they all had Pepsi. Well, I guess it was Pepsi’s commercial, after all. But mostly it was about the fences.

And not having them anymore.

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