The Thing I Like About …

Constantine: the part where Heaven and Hell both look an awful lot like Los Angeles.

When John Constantine crosses over to Hell (just for a visit) to see if Angela’s sister is trapped there, the place he goes to looks like a post-apocalyptic city fallen into ruin; the buildings and streets are gutted and broken, on fire, angry and desolate. Dark winds blow around John, and ashes swirl in the hazy air. Broken-down cars are stacked on top of one another, and beneath the streets the souls of the damned are stacked on top of one another, writhing in misery.

Later, we see Heaven – bathed in golden light, lifting John up in a warm, loving embrace. None of Heaven’s buildings are broken or dark or angry, and a breeze blows gently through the shining streets. But upon closer inspection, Heaven’s City looks exactly like the city upon which Hell was built … and both cities look exactly like the city John calls home.

Heaven and Hell and Here are all the same place – depending on how John looks at it.

The Buddha said that life is suffering. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. I think they’re both right. I think it depends on where you’re standing, and what you’re able to see.

… Where are you standing?

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