The Thing I Like About …

Sirens: they’re all really good at their jobs.

Sirens is actually the threshold – or perhaps even beyond my threshold – of my enjoyment of crude humour. It is incredibly R-rated, and in a particularly gratuitous way. But everyone is intelligent, and there’s a lot of humour that isn’t crude humour, and pretty much all of the characters are both likable and multi-dimensional.

And they’re good paramedics.

They aren’t necessarily good at other things. The situations they get into are often unlikely and even ridiculous. But they know what they’re doing. Their job almost isn’t even a part of the story.

Why is that so great?

Because so many stories rely on the gross incompetence of the characters to drive things forward and/or to get a laugh … and that gets old. It’s like being asked to watch a perpetual video-bloopers show, week after week after week – only it’s the same bloopers by the same people, all the characters are actually one-dimensional caricatures that get pretty boring pretty quickly, and in the end the only saving grace is that compared to them I feel downright brilliant and sophisticated.

Sirens may not be for kids – by any stretch of anyone’s imagination – but it finds its humour in a setting that seems a little bit more like reality … and that’s not just funnier; that’s the best way to help people find the humour in their own day, which is possibly the most important thing of all.

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