The Thing I Like About …

Twelve Signs of Love (TV): she doesn’t end up with the guy.

In Twelve Signs of Love, the main character has been dating a high school sweetheart for some time, and she’s beginning to feel that he’s never going to commit to her, or be the romantic person she was hoping he would be. In the first episode, they have a falling out (that really does seem to be her fault), and they part ways. She decides that he was “simply the wrong zodiac”, and, as a journalist with a weekly column, she begins dating men who have the other eleven zodiac signs and writing about it.

Surely somewhere among them is her true love.

Of course, the audience finds the original high school sweetheart to be perfectly acceptable and personable. We think they make a cute couple, and they clearly care about each other very much. We assume that by the end of her experimentation, she’ll end up with him.

And maybe she eventually does – I’ve only watched the first season.

But at the end of the first season, he decides to be with another woman who has captured his heart, and the main character realizes that she wants him to move on and be happy, that she’s perfectly okay with letting him go even though it feels a little … strange. And she finds herself drawn to one of the men she dated for the purposes of her weekly column – and he is acceptable and personable too, and they make a cute couple too.

It isn’t just that she’s competent to live on her own without a man, or even that she puts his happiness ahead of her own selfish desires. It’s that she genuinely (at least at the end of Season One) feels happy to let him go, to see him with someone who brings out the romance and commitment he hadn’t been able to bring to her. It’s that she really is willing to let go of it all, and once she does that, she realizes that their “falling out” was actually just the way their hearts were going. It’s that, after spending her life wanting so much to be safe and secure, her real happiness began when she opened herself up to something new.

I’m looking forward to Season Two … I hope they don’t bring her back to “safe”.

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