The Thing I Like About …

Plus One: the part where the Allisons kiss.

Plus One is jam-packed full of adult content … so kids won’t have the chance to see what turns out to be a very interesting comment on human nature. Basically, during a crowd-of-drunken-teenagers house party, a meteor crashes to earth, causing an electromagnetic … thing … that creates a stutter in … the space-time continuum, I guess? – events happen, and then fifteen minutes later, they happen again, overlapping the first event so that functionally there are two of everyone.

But the two groups of people don’t understand the nature of the other group of themselves; they become afraid, and alarmed, and then, as so often happens with people who are alarmed and afraid, they become angry and violent. Everyone lashes out at his or her other self, kicking and clawing and screaming in panic-filled rage. Only one person seems unconcerned about the bifurcation – Allison, the smart girl with ordinary hair and no makeup that the other teenagers torment and ignore.

Allison is confident enough not to worry about what the other teenagers think – she really doesn’t want to be anything like them – but she does imagine a world where she is loved and valued and, well, not tormented and ignored. When she sees her fifteen-minutes-ago self, she acts quickly to prevent the other her from being hurt by a mean-girl ambush. As the meteor phenomenon begins pulsing, causing interesting time distortions, Allison catches up with her other self, and the two girls sit on a bench, holding hands and watching the others freak out.

They finally realize, as they stare silently at one another, that they – she – have always been completely happy with … herselves – that she really doesn’t care about the others’ opinions, and that she’s actually fulfilled just being herself. She’s not afraid of seeing herself. She’s not afraid of being herself. She loves her few friends, but her deepest and most meaningful relationship is with herself.

Then, just as the phenomenon resolves itself and subsides, they kiss.
Weird? – maybe. But if you just thought to yourself, “That’s crazy! You can’t love yourself!” … then maybe you just figured out what no one else at the party figured out: if you don’t love yourself, well, that’s the craziest thing of all.

If you met yourself, would you be your own worst enemy? Would you hold hands? Would you be afraid? Allison gives herself a chance … and she’s pretty much the only one who leaves with a smile on her face. When’s the last time you felt that way when you looked in the mirror?

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