The Thing I Like About …

Robocop (the 1987 original): the part where Emil fires the Cobra Assault Cannon and declares, “I like it!”

Emil is one of the bad guys, but he’s not (at least as far as I felt about it) one of the bad guys we’re supposed to hate. He’s a little weird, and a little different, and he certainly isn’t a nice person … but he’s quirky and sort of interesting as well. And he gets a hold of the Cobra Assault Cannon, and blows an entire store into oblivion with it, in a huge explosion. And, well, he “likes” this Cannon-thing, and he’s just really excited.

And so is the audience.

The explosion, for action-movie-goers, is a really satisfying, fire-ball sort of explosion, and the Cobra Assault Cannon is a really intriguing piece of weaponry. We all like it. We all want one. Action-movie-goers all want to blow up something, the way Emil does.

I know not everyone is an action-movie-lover, but everyone feels like Emil about something. Everybody gets weirdly excited about something that others may not understand. Everyone wants to announce their joy, and be allowed to feel passionate about things, no matter what others might think. We tend to grow up and stop feeling those things – or rather we hide that we feel those things – because we think it’s only “for kids” … but why would that be? – grown-ups are the only ones who can afford the really cool Cobra Assault Cannons.

I think we should all “grow down” – and allow ourselves to show excitement and passion and joy and all those things. Else what are we here for?

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