The Thing I Like About …

Doctor Who: the one where he tells Leela there’s nothing to be afraid of.

It was Tom-Baker-Doctor, and he was walking with Leela – the warrior girl (from stone-age culture, if I’m remembering right) through the bad guy’s castle. But the bad guy sends out this overwhelming psychic message of fear, and Leela describes feeling hunted, and watched, and says that’s she terribly, terribly afraid. The Doctor explains to her about the bad guy’s psychic fear-miasma, and tells her that it’s all an illusion, and that actually nothing is there that can hurt her.

She blinks, and repeats back what he said to make sure she understood … and then she squares her shoulders and walks on, completely ignoring from that point forward any fear messages her brain is sending her.

She trusts the Doctor – who doesn’t? – so she is able just to ignore this crippling fear being visited upon her.

I wish it was as easy as that for me to overcome my fears, and to do things anyway.

But if Leela can do that when faced with this external fear-force, maybe we can learn to do it with things that we know – we know – we’re only making scary in our own heads. Maybe we can work on trust, and having faith in our own abilities. Maybe we can look at the things that scare us and see them for what they truly are – (usually) tiny little bad guys sending out itty-bitty psychic fear messages that we don’t actually have to listen to. Maybe we can square our shoulders and walk on, ignoring all the stuff we don’t need in our lives and focusing instead on what we do need, and want, and search for.

Leela keeps walking until she confronts the bad guy, and throws him out of his own castle.

Let’s do that.

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