The Thing I Like About …

Psych: the episode with their nerd friend and his hot wife [warning: spoiler].

In that episode, the guys’ old childhood friend helps them with a case.  He’s a completely closeted nerd.  He is well-off, and has afforded to make a secret room with a hidden door that opens off of his sports-themed den.  He explains that when his hot wife met him, he was posing as a “regular” guy to fit in with a group, and afterward he didn’t reveal his true self because he was afraid she wouldn’t love a man who was actually very different from herself.  For however many years they had been married, he had been living a lie, pretending to like football, and hiding his true nature – and some fairly impressive science fiction memorabilia.

By the end of the episode, the measures he has had to take to keep his secret life a secret are no longer up to the task of helping Shawn and Gus solve their case.  In a moment of carelessness, he leaves the secret door open, and his wife walks in.  She looks around, asking where she is, and when he finally admits that he is in fact a nerd, she looks vaguely irritated.  She explains that she has seen every episode of the original Battlestar Galactica, and that she is disappointed he didn’t take her to Comic-Con but instead pretended to be “away on business”.  She isn’t angry or shocked or sad; she’s thrilled that they now have so much more in common, and that they can be their true selves.

Is that the way every honey-I’ve-been-living-a-lie story ends?  Of course not.  Should it be? Well, yes!  And certainly the episode gave some very good lessons: first, the things we fear are probably not nearly as scary as we think they’re going to be; second, even if everything had ended horribly, it would have been better and easier than living another day of lies and hiding; and finally – most importantly – be yourself, dammit!

Be yourself.

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