The Thing I Like About …

The Possession:  the excellent parenting.

The parents are divorced, and it doesn’t seem like it was a particularly amicable break-up.  It was clearly the mother’s idea for the couple to divorce; she puts a lot of pressure on the father to feed the girls “properly”, and she’s always on the verge of irritation and impatience with him.  For his part, he’s in constant preparation for her to be irritated and impatient and bossy, and he mostly dismisses her.

But in front of the children, they are cordial and respectful.  They each expect the girls to have respect for the other parent.  They trust one another to take care of the girls, and they know the other’s focus is on what’s best for the girls.  When Mom thinks Dad has struck the younger girl (the one possessed), she turns on him without thought – because she puts the girls first.  When she learns that it was actually an evil spirit thing, she doesn’t waste time doubting her sanity, but immediately and without question begins doing a bunch of things that would yesterday have seemed bizarre – because she will do whatever she needs to do for the girls.  Dad knows that he didn’t strike his daughter – so he is justifiably frustrated – but he never blames Mom for turning on him, because he understands that she has put the girls first.  He faces things he would never have thought were real, because it’s his job as a parent.  When he and Mom need to work together for the girls, they don’t hesitate – they’re such a good parenting team that the devil doesn’t stand a chance.

If real-life parents could learn to be half that focused on what matters, it would go a long way toward exorcising some real demons from this world.

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