The Thing I Like About …

Enemy Mine:  the part where Jerry runs from the camp to save Davidge from the horrible tentacled monster.

In Enemy Mine, Davidge is a human soldier fighting in a war against reptilian beings.  Jerry is one of these reptilian beings, and the war between them and humans is long-standing and bitter.  Both Davidge and Jerry crash on a planet with little hope of rescue, and to survive the planet’s harsh environment, they need to learn to work together.  One day, while Davidge is away from camp, he gets sucked into the ground by a horrible tentacled monster, and he starts yelling for help.  Jerry runs to help, and saves Davidge’s life.

Jerry explains his actions by saying that it’s nice to have someone to talk to, even if it’s someone as ugly as Davidge.

Life on our planet can be challenging.  We spend our days struggling to avoid the things that scare us; we often have significant conflict as people deal with change.  We yearn for connection, but we fear being hurt.  Jerry and Davidge have to be stranded – forced – to learn how to depend on each other, how to trust each other, how to like each other.  They have to face death to see what’s true for all of us – it’s nice to have someone to talk to, and to know that someone has your back.

It would be great to discover that all the things that frighten us are ultimately as harmless as Jerry and Davidge find each other to be.  It would also be great if we could discover that without having to be stranded on a harsh planet and forced to cooperate for survival.  Jerry and Davidge start out with mutual hatred and absolutely nothing else in common. They end up closer to each other than to anyone else in their lives.  If they can do that, maybe we in the real world can at least try to let each other in a little bit, and find the friends that are hiding underneath “enemy” exteriors.

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