The Thing I Like About …

Fever Night:  the punchline.  [Warning: spoilers]

Fever Night is a … strange … little movie, one that has a lot of deliberate camp, some decent acting, a fairly interesting premise, tolerable effects, and for whatever reason anyone might have, an overabundance of altered-states imagery.  The people in the film don’t take drugs particularly, but apparently the audience is supposed to feel like we have.

The film does a good job of melding some creepy stuff with tongue-in-cheek characters and ludicrous situations.  It follows a couple and their friend into the woods where they intend to raise a satanic demon and, you know, command it to give them prosperity and all that.  The male half of the couple is determined that this demon they’ll be summoning will give him “what he really wants.”

In the end, this determined man is confronted with an entity that he believed to be his girlfriend, but her head has been replaced by an animal head and her shapely body has now been adorned with giant boy-bits (kids read this blog).  She expresses confusion at his alarm, saying, “But this is what you really wanted!”

It’s not staggering as punch-lines go, but it made me think about all the times we, in the real world, ignore our darker side, hoping it just doesn’t exist rather than facing it and learning to control it.  All the times we don’t ask for what we really want because we’re afraid of being judged, or mocked, or disappointed, or because others will distance themselves from what we imagine to be our whacky notions.  Maybe we would be judged, or mocked, or abandoned; maybe facing our dark side is a scary prospect – but it seems like it might be better than living a perpetual lie, judging and abandoning ourselves.  If the determined man had been more honest with himself about what he really wanted, maybe he could have found it sooner – and without the painful, frightened trip through the woods.


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