The Thing I Like About … Special Edition:

In honour of upcoming Mother’s Day, I (a mother) am, for my own amusement, writing a Thing I Like About … all the little movie stuff that doesn’t particularly have any deep meaning or philosophical underpinning or social relevance – all the stuff that could be summed up in, well, a sentence, but which pretty much constitutes my “favourite” part of the movie.  So, in no particular order, here goes!

In Speed, that part where Annie is turning the bus left, and putting on the blinker.

In Vertical Limit, that part where Monique falls off the edge of a cliff … and catches herself halfway down by grabbing onto this tiny, itty-bitty little ledge … and then catches Cyril and swings him to safety … and then saves herself.  She’s awesome!

In Aliens, when Ripley comes out in the giant Loader to save Newt from the queen-alien … which is everybody’s favourite part.

In Ghost Rider, when the new Rider on the flashy motorcycle and the previous Rider (I refuse to refer to Sam Elliott as “old”) on his horse go riding out together in the night, setting the desert on fire as they keep pace side by side.

In Sense and Sensibility, when Colonel Brandon duels with Willoughby.

In The Abyss, when Bud and Coffey have been fighting, evenly matched, for quite a while, and then Catfish comes up behind Coffey and punches him dead in the face, lifting him off the ground and knocking him into the water with one blow.

In Beastmaster, when Seth is leading the people in setting a trap for the evil tyrant and telling them “Pull!  Pull for your freedom!”

In Forgotten, when Telly shows the aliens that a woman meets her baby long before the baby’s born.

In 28 Days Later, when Jim comes back to save Selena (and Hannah) … and just kind of goes completely berserk.

In The Two Towers, when Legolas jumps onto that horse that rides up behind him … or, you know, the trick rider that was standing in for him.  That guy’s cool!

In Booth (Japan, 2005)… well, the punchline.  No, not the “oh yeah this is a horror movie” tack-on ending, but the actual punch line.  Watch it; you’ll laugh.

In Ben Hur, when he’s a slave on the battle ship, and to make some sort of point the commander makes them all row faster … and the music gets faster, and the drums beating out the tempo get stronger and louder and faster, and all the slaves give up in a pile of sweat, except Ben Hur, because … he’s … played … by Charlton Heston, who apparently has some sort of supernatural abilities.

In Pirates of the Caribbean, when Jack Sparrow’s ship is sinking, and he rides it all the way into the dock, and steps onto shore as if nothing has happened.

In The Italian Job, when they drop the armored truck through the street and cover it up with a wooden panel.  It’s better than close-up magic.

In Wrong Turn, when Chris climbs down out of the truck and rips the map off the gas-station wall and then he and Jessie drive away … best ending ever.

And finally – because it’s funny even though it’s not nearly the best – in Easter Bunny Kill Kill, when the father reunites with his family, and he looks around at the house that is littered with partially dismembered corpses, and he says, “Now let’s clean up these bodies and have a nice family dinner!”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, and happy viewing.


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