The Thing I Like About …

The Incredibles:  the instant karma regarding the kids.

In The Incredibles, as their mother explains to them, the children – Dash and Violet – are in sincere danger.  They’re being chased by people who will kill them if they get a chance.  The children find themselves separated from their parents and from each other; their pursuers corner them ruthlessly, firing automatic weapons at them, trying to run them down as they flee.  The bad guys might be cartoons, but they’re certainly not playing games.

But when one of the bad guys hits Dash in the face, within five seconds that bad guy is slammed into the side of a cliff, dying abruptly in a ball of fire.  When Syndrome takes Jack-Jack into the air with a willingness to drop him, he has less than thirty seconds to live.  The penalty in The Incredibles for hurting a child is immediate termination … and that’s fine with me.

Maybe we could bring some of that into the real world.

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