Weird Stuff

My friend Bob has a very good memory; when we want to remember the details of something that happened, we turn to Bob.  So when he says that the home-health aid had a red car, I have no reason to doubt him.

She would come quite often to the house to care for Bob’s ill mother; she would pull up in her red car and she would leave in her red car.  Occasionally they even spoke about the red car.

One day she showed up in a blue car.

Bob said, “Oh, you have a new car!”

She looked at him strangely, and back at her car.  “No,” she said.

He thought perhaps she had borrowed the blue car?  No, the car in front of the house was hers and had been for a long time.  Did she have two cars? No, she had always just had the one.  But the day before – all the days before – it had been red.

It’s such a small thing, really, when it’s written down, but it was certainly strange to Bob.  We’ve wondered if somehow he crossed into a different quantum reality, a parallel universe if you will; we’ve wondered what other things beside the colour of the home-health aid’s car might have changed.

What sort of life has the she-has-a-red-car Bob been living?  What things in that reality are different?  Are those things better? – or worse?

I wonder if the other Bob wonders what happened to the blue car.

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