The Thing I Like About …

… the Crank movies:

… the relationship between Chev and Eve.

The Crank movies are fairly action-packed adventures, filled with particularly unlikely scenarios, and set in a gritty, violent world full of sex, drugs, and guns.  For those who don’t like harsh language or nudity, these movies are most definitely not for you.  Even the character of the doctor – one of the good guys – uses threatening and abusive language toward his girlfriend, a young woman who seems content with his verbal assaults.  In truth, as much as I like a good action movie – especially with Jason Statham in it – I found the constant barrage of gender-based hostility and the presumption of nothing better to be very off-putting.

Amidst all this, however, is the relationship between Chev and his girlfriend Eve.  Unlike every other woman in these films, Eve never tolerates threats or hostility.  She and Chev have an apparently loving and resilient connection, and his treatment of her – using respect, honesty, tenderness – is a bright counterpoint to an otherwise dismal setting.  They have a mutual trust so unwavering that it isn’t once in question, and her ability to roll with life’s punches and to think on her feet is a match for Chev’s, so that together they accomplish a series of unlikely objectives and continually save one another from harm.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure I enjoyed these films, but, if any of the things that happened in them ever actually happened – or if real life continues to throw curveballs at me as it is wont to do – I would count myself lucky to have the kind of fun-loving, rock-solid relationship with someone that we see in Chev and Eve.

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