The Thing I Like About …

Kelly Gay, author of the Charlie Madigan series:

Kelly Gay has an incredible skill at describing what’s going on.  We see every movement, every facial expression.  We see every detail of the surroundings, as though we were standing there ourselves.  There are smells and sounds and colours, people whose physical appearance and demeanor are as clear in our minds’ eyes as if we were seeing them in the flesh.

There’s never a moment when we don’t know what Charlie is thinking and feeling, never a moment when we don’t know the position of all four of her limbs and all of her weapons.  We know exactly what she plans to do, and we “see” what happens as completely as we would a movie – or an actual event happening in front of us.

At the same time, though, the reader never feels weighed down – the descriptions are never ponderous or superfluous.  Clarity never feels like words-piled-on-to-the-point-of-exhaustion.  Everything is necessary and useful.  Everything is fluid and relaxed.  It makes it a joy to read.

“Don’t bother me; I’m reading a Kelly Gay movie.  The cinematography is great!”


The Better Part of Darkness (Charlie Madigan, Book 1)

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