The Doorway

The Doorway opens when Trevor MacGilvey gets in over his head and disappears …

… leaving his sister and his friends to clean up the mess without even knowing fully what Trevor has done.  Facing creatures that take the shape of their darkest fears, Sara MacGilvey, her friends Jerry and Stephanie, and the taciturn Detective Del Vaaslo race to find the creatures’ weakness – before the entire town falls victim to its own nightmares.

But even if Sara can stop the forces her brother has unwittingly unleashed, will she be able to close the Door now that it’s been opened – and the other side has caught sight of our world?  And, if her brother is still alive, will she be able to find him and bring him home?

“Fear Itself” is the first book in the Doorway series.

It’s available on Kindle and in paperback at

Also, please check out CooperWolf’s offering from Jane W. Wolfinbarger, “There Goes the Neighborhood”, also available on Kindle.

                 Coming soon:      

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